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Hi,my name is Veronica.I'm a Paramore addicted ♥ I'm not special, beautiful or anything like that...I'm only a blond girl so,if you want follow my blog :3
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“Ennesima giornata di merda dell’ennesimo anno duemilaschifoqualcosa.”

(via healstyles)

ph mu god you're so pretty shit and your EYES are amazing plz give them to me mine are boring brown i want i want


Thanks a lot cute girl :3 your eyes aren’t boring, they’re amazing ! You should be proud of them !

“Mi misi a piangere, gemendo, e non provavo tanto tristezza quanto dolore fisico. Fa male, e non è un modo di dire. Fa male come un carico di botte.”

John Green, Cercando Alaska. (via nonguardarmicosi)


blink 182- i miss you