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Hi,my name is Veronica.I'm a Paramore addicted ♥ I'm not special, beautiful or anything like that...I'm only a girl so,if you want follow my blog :3
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Licenza di tuttologa

Perchè la compagnia ci da forza,perchè una strada giusta e perchè una persona ci cambia?


Cute animals ♥

littleblueredness sono io quando mi chiami e son distratta “mmm cos’hai detto?” :3 hahahaha
la mia fine *.*
One of my favourite Paramore’s song

 “Funny how there’s an entire part of our culture completely obsessed with youth and beauty - yet we forget the most essential ingredient to youthfulness is that clean slate, non-judgemental, wide-eyed curiosity. You can’t be sold any of that.” x
This is me *.*